Our varieties of fresh pasta are made using the old world technique on Italian pasta making equipment. Each item is given individual attention and hand packaged in small or large quantities, according to your needs.

Custom Combinations Available

Spinach  Tomato  Beet  Chipotle  Roasted Red Pepper
Black Pepper  Lemon Pepper  Herb • Whole Wheat  Garlic Chive 

Porcini  Saffron  Squid Ink
laminated pasta, extruded pasta, gnocci, ravioli

Angel Hair  Vermicelli
Sheets  Spaghetti
Linguine   Fettuccine
Tagliatelle  Pappardelle

Penne  Rigatoni 
Ziti  Conchiglie (shells) 
Bucotini  Rotelle 
Radiatore  Macaroni 
Rotini  Fusilli
Cresta Di Gallo 

Egg  Spinach  
Garlic  Chive
Sun-Dried Tomato  


           Black Bean:  lime & garlic in chipotle and red pepper pasta 
           Butternut Squash:  garlic, honey & cheese in egg pasta
           Four Cheese:  ricotta, mozzarella, asiago & pecorino romano in egg pasta
           Goat Cheese:  garlic & a touch of lemon in black pepper pasta
           Gorgonzola:  mozzarella in herb pasta
           Lobster:  red & green peppers in egg pasta
           Mushroom:  garlic, goat cheese & pecorino romano in egg pasta
           Spinach & Cheese:  garlic & walnuts in whole wheat pasta
           Sundried Tomato:  ricotta in spinach & egg pasta
           Tri-Color Cheese: ricotta & mozzarella in tomato, spinach & egg pasta 
           White Truffle:  ricotta in egg pasta

           Cheese Tortellini:  ricotta & romano in egg pasta
           Meat Toretllini:  beef & pork in egg pasta
           Spinach Tortelloni:  4-cheese blend in egg pasta
           Tri-Color Cheese Tortelloni:  spinach, tomato and egg pasta
           Chicken Tortelloni:  chicken & pork in egg pasta

         DRY PASTA (imported)

        Egg Linguine
        Spinach Linguine
        Egg Fettucine
        Whole Wheat Fettucine
        Spinach Fettucine

        GLUTEN FREE PASTA (imported)

        Farfalle (bow ties)
        Lasagne Sheets

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