The Mission of Midwest Pasta 

With over 50 years collectively in most every aspect of food service from dishwashing to owning restaurants, the Midwest Pasta team understands the needs of a successful operation.  Serving the best tasting, highest quality food in a pleasing environment at a competitive price is the goal of every food service professional. When Midwest decided to produce fresh pasta for the food service industry, we knew that this goal had to be central to our manufacturing business.     

Midwest Pasta exists for one reason:  to produce the highest quality product at the most competitive price.  We combine the freshest ingredients  (such as locally milled flour made from the finest “new crop” Durham Wheat) with Old World techniques to create a variety of laminated and extruded pastas with distinctive texture, shapes and flavors. 

Our company goal is to make quality product or to make none at all. The way that we create our fresh pastas insures an outstanding product at a competitive price for the end user Food Service Client. With these goals in mind, Midwest Pasta invites you to sample our product with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. Call Midwest Pasta to arrange for your own custom designed pasta or for a price quote on any of our standard pasta products. We look forward to serving you.
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